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  • season date : 10th June to 29th October
  • operation hour : 09.00am to 17.00pm - DAILY
  • Tickets : Adults CHF 33.- | Kids CHF 25.-
    Season Pass CHF 200.-

    Last minute NEWS ! From July 07 to 09, Leysin hosts the Swiss DH Championships. During this period, only the "3 tours" track will be open to the public. Exceptionally, mountain bikes will also be transported on the Berneuse gondola. Thank you for your understanding


Welcome to Leysin bike park

A bikepark where simplicity and natural terrain are the main  components.

Downhill trails

There is one downhill track ,one blue itinerary and one red singletrail in Leysin.

The start is on Tête D’Aï at 1900m of altitude where you could choose to go to Mayen (right side) where you will find the national DH track or to go on the left side where you could choose between a blue itinerary or the red singletrail « 3. Tours » to go back down in Leysin. 

Descending time is approximately of 10min with 700m of negative elevation. 

Have fun !

 LISIN  |blue itinerary

The "Lisin" blue itinerary starts just below the KUKLOS revolving restaurant. It starts with beautiful curves in the natural terrain and then the flow accelerates with many raised turns, whoops and rollerblades. The view of the Tour d'Aï and its lake is simply magical, stop for a moment to enjoy this magnificent panorama during your run. The end of the run is more natural and alternates between natural singletrack and road singletrack.


  • Start : Tête D'Aï, 1910m
  • Length : 2 km
  • Access : Chairlift Leysin - Tête D'Aï (LTA)

Nérine | red line

The "Nérine" trail starts from Mayen. This track mixes the natural technical terrain, raised turns and jumps. It is the official track of the Swiss Downhill Championships 2021. With its flow and its technical and rocky passages, it will perfectly suit riders with a good level of DH and who like real Downhill tracks. At the bottom, you will find a jump line with a 7m double for the finish.


  • Start : Mayen, 1840m
  • Length : 2,2km
  • Access : Chairlift Leysin - Tête D'Aï (LTA)

Nérine  | Black line

This technical black part of "Nérine" is located at the crossing with a blue ski slopes. Steep, rockgarden, off-camber and Gap Jump will give cold sweats to the best pilots.

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  • Start : Les Plans, 1600m
  • Length : 250m
  • Access : Take " Nérine " track from Mayen.

Les 3 Tours| red itinerary

This trail is the first one opened in Leysin. Used in 2001 and 2002 for the DH World Cup, it remained very natural with many technical passages in forests. The addition of a few doubles and berms in the open sections makes it more fun than before. A perfect trail for Enduro and natural terrain enthusiasts.


  • Start : Joux D'AÏ, 1727m
  • Length : 850m
  • Access : Chairlift Leysin - Tête D'Aï (LTA)

Matteo Iniguez in Leysin

Commencal World cup pilot Matteo Iniguez destroy the bikepark under the camera of Martin Steffen.

OTHER MTB facilities in leysin

Beyond the bikepark you could find a lot of other facilities for MTB or bicycle in Leysin. 

More than 100km of cycling routes, cross-country tour, a Kids Zone and a pumptrack await you in and around Leysin.

In addition, Leysin has a popular camping area on the edge of the forest (Place des Feuilles) near the ice rink sports centre.


Located at the bottom of the village just behind the ice rink Sport centre, the pumptrack of Leysin was built in 2021 by VelosSolutions. This course is made up of bumps and sharp turns and is accessible to everyone, whatever their skill level. It is an excellent way to work on your technique and have fun.

Around the pumptrack you could also find a camping car area, a barbecue spot and all the activities from the sport centre of Leysin.


  • Start : Leysin Sport Centre (behind the ice rink)
  • Length : 250m
  • Access : 2min from the Camping Car area

leysin bike park location

how to come ?

Leysin Bike park is located Above the village of Leysin, in the swiss alps.

Nearest airport ?

Geneva airport

By Car (90min)

Motorway A1 towards Lausanne then A9 in the direction of Gd- St Bernard. Exit the motorway at Aigle and take the mountain road towards Leysin.

Highlight : View on the lake from the motorway.

Tips : A GPS can be useful.

By Train (120min)

Take the IR90 towards Brig. Change in Aigle for the mountain train Aigle-Leysin. In Leysin go out in Leysin-Feydey (3rd stop).

Highlight : One of the train trips with the best views in the world

Swiss Railway App (schedules):

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By Car (180min)

Motorway A1 towards Berne then A12 in the direction Fribourg then Vevey. Exit the motorway at Aigle and take the mountain road towards Leysin.

Highlight : View on the Leman lake during the way down to Vevey.

Tips : A GPS can be useful.

By Train (225min)

There is no fixed schedules from Zürich Airport, you need to check the timetable of the Swiss Train Company.

Swiss Railway App (schedules):

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